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Drivers Briefing

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Tillotson T4 Regional Series 2023 – Rd 1 

Kiltorcan Raceway, Ballyhale, Co. Kilkenny 

5th March 2023 

  • Welcome everyone to Kiltorcan Raceway.

  • Please keep the paddock and toilets tidy. Waste bins are provided where needed. We kindly ask you to report any issues to a member of staff.  


  • Please do not spill any petrol or oils on the ground. 


  • When entering the track yield to traffic on the circuit approaching from the righthand side, please then keep to the left until up to speed. 


  • Exiting the circuit, keep left and raise your left hand clearly in the air, allowing traffic behind to adjust their position on track. 


  • Breakdowns on the circuit, move your kart to a safe position, and get into a safe place until the session is finished. 


Running Order: 


8 min practice x 2

8 lap heats x 2

10 lap finals


8 min practice x 2

10 lap heats x 2

12 lap finals


10 min practice x 2

10 lap heats x 2

12 lap finals


10 min practice x 2

10 lap heats x 2

12 lap finals 


  • Grid position for heats determined by overall best lap time out of both practice sessions completed. 


  • Grid positions for finals determined by finishing position points obtained in both heats; total points added together giving you your starting position. 


  • Results will be posted on the windows and or on screens in the clubhouse. No printouts will be provided. 


  • Time keeping is key to a smooth-running day; please be on time for sessions. 


  • Mini 108KG, Junior 140KG, Senior 158KG, Senior+ 165KG.  


  • Bumper penalties will incur a 5 second penalty added to finishing time, irrelevant of when it happens or the circumstances.


  • Dangerous driving leading to drivers been forced off circuit or losing positions. Penalties will apply to a degree determined by the clerk of the course 


  • We have a lot of new drivers in all classes, I am asking all existing drivers to show a good example and help in any way possible. Have fun on track. 











Rolling Start: 

  • Sessions commence on green light, stay in position until lights go green. Jump starts will be penalised. Penalty determined by clerk of the course. Roll up lap must be taking slowly. On the back straight all karts must be in order in two straight lines. No drivers move until the lights go green. 

  • If a driver fails to complete the rolling up lap or drops out leave that position vacant.  


  • If a driver fails to present for a session drivers will be moved forward to occupy the vacant position 


  • If a second rolling lap is required, it will be signalled by the clerk of the course. By circling/waving arm in the air. 


  • Post paddock gate will remain closed until all karts have been checked. 


  • All trolleys must be moved from the front of the building/grids and placed at the gate of exit. 


  • No spectators allowed at the front of the building/grids. 


  • There will be no bad behaviour tolerated whatsoever by drivers/mechanics/guardians.  


  • Tillotson staff are here to support racing only and have no bearing on the running. 


  • Please make sure you start your kart before leaving your area, mechanical checks complete, this will keep everything smooth and calm for drivers before races. 


  • No running karts to be unattended on the ground. Karts running on a trolley should be switched off before lifting onto grid position. 


  • Finally, I want to thank you all for attending these events. I wish you all the safest of racing. Thanks to Philip, Pamela, Calvin, and all the Kiltorcan team for all their hard work in preparations for today racing. Matt from Volare timing software. Tillotson's staff, Mark, Andrew, James, Nigel and all back in the factory. John and Charles for making all this happen. Kieran Coleman and his Motorsport Ireland staff. The ambulance crew for attending today's event.

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