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Our Karts

Junior Sodi LR5  200cc
Youth/Adult Sodi SR5 270cc
Sodi 2Drive 390cc
Junior Kart with number_edited.png

Age: 8-12 Years of age

Kiltorcan Raceway provides a safe and enjoyable experience that leaves your children with memories that last a lifetime. We provide kids with the skills and techniques that will stand to their driving skills in the future. Our Junior Sodi LR5 200cc arrived to our track in 2022.

Min Height Requirement 4ft


Sodi SR5 270cc, the premium kart. This is ideal for Youth and Adults. They are perfect for 13 years of age and upwards.

Kiltorcan Raceway, an award-winning venue, is the most exciting, adrenalin-pumping outdoor karting circuit in Ireland. 

Min Height Requirement 5ft

Karting is available for everyone at Kiltorcan Raceway. Our motto is "No Boundaries". Our 2Drive karts allows two people to drive the same kart. With two steering wheels. Choice to allow one person to use the accelerator, brake and steering wheel while the other enjoys being a passenger, or combine your efforts with one using the accelerator and brake and the passenger steering as you go around our track. An experience of a life time that you will never forget.


Driver Age: 21+ Passenger Age: 5+

Age: 13+ Years of age

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About our Karts


Here at Kiltorcan Raceway, we operate a fleet of Adult Sodi SR5 karts that are powered by 270cc, 9hp Honda engines. Our Kids karts are Sodi LR5 200cc which have a Honda engine. We also offer the opportunity to drive our state of the art 2Drive karts which boast a 390cc, 13hp Honda engine.

Our karts are also fitted with a remote-control shutdown system which allows the race marshals to slow down one or all karts in the event of an accident or dangerous driving. The engine is also fully covered and will not result in anyone getting burnt accidentally. The seating position and pedals can be adjusted to provide extra comfort for everyone. We also provide kart seat inserts to make the experience a bit more comfortable.

Uniquely, our karts are run on Liquid Petroleum Gas (L.P.G). We chose to use LPG to help improve our standard of safety for our customers. We can assure our customers that their clothing will not be damaged in refuelling or spillage of fuel from our karts.

Maintenance is a major factor in the operation of our karts. We take great pride in our karts and they are constantly inspected on a daily/weekly basis and any minor problems are dealt with promptly to avoid any major damage or break downs on the track during a session.

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