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Refund & Cancellation Policies

Cancellations within 7 days will be deemed non refundable. Transfer of bookings from one date to another can only be processed 7 working days from the event date. Failure to show for the event will result in the driver losing that event, with any future events being taken as a new booking. Grand Prix bookings require a second payment of €450 failure to make payment results in your card being charged the second payment same applies to not showing up for your Grand Prix booking.

Any bookings processed online and cancelled at a later date, refund will include a booking fee charge from stripe.

Vouchers purchased online or in house, once issued are non refundable. 

Website Transactions

Kiltorcan Raceway is responsible for all website transactions. All payment/card details are taken through our secure Paymentsense payment portal and any actual transfers of funds are encrypted using SSL encryption. Please note there is a booking fee on all refunds.

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