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We would like to share the additional precautions and procedures we will be undertaking on a daily basis to raise the level of Health & Safety, that we practice at Kiltorcan Raceway to keep our customers and staff healthy and happy.

All bookings and payments are now been processed here on our website, reducing the need for cash or card payments at the circuit and guaranteeing the availability for your group. This also limits the number of customers that will be at the circuit to HSE guidelines. We are also available on the phone to talk 087-2464872.

All drivers will be given a complementary set of gloves and a brand-new balaclava to take home for future use.

Our reception area has undergone a deep clean to all surfaces and areas, we have fitted two JIMCO Mac500 Ozone Air Purifier in this area; these units sanitize all surfaces and provide clean air 24/7, protecting our customers and staff against the treat of Covid-19.

Our dry day briefing room has undergone a full renovation and is also fitted with a two JIMCO Mac500 Ozone Air Purifier, sanitizing and cleaning all surfaces and the air in the room, protecting customers and staff while getting ready for their sessions. We have also dry cleaned all of our race suits and purchased 50 new helmets for our customers to use.

Our wet day briefing room has also undergone a series of deep cleaning processes. There is also two JIMCO Mac500 Ozone Air Purifiers fitted in this room. All wet suits have been cleaned and ready for use and all our helmets have been sanitized.

With helmets being the main concern for both customers and track owners across the globe, we have gone one step further. We have a specially designed cabinet with a JIMCO Mac500 Ozone Air Purifier installed inside it. Helmets will be sanitized with a product called Intensive 9 and then placed into the cabinet after every use and undergo a 30-minute sanitization cycle. This will penetrate all materials and foam outside and within the helmet.

Our karts will be cleaned and sanitized before and after every use, keeping the high standards that we practiced pre Covid-19, keeping our customers clean and free from the risk of infection.

All of these procedures alongside guidelines set out by HSE, we hope will instil the confidence in customers to visit Kiltorcan Raceway and get back to having adrenalin pumping, fun filled experiences that we were all used to pre Covid-19.

Once again, to all of our loyal customers and potential new customers, we look forward to opening our doors and welcoming you all back to Kiltorcan Raceway May 1st, for loads of new best lap times and more great fun filled days ahead.

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